Our Eichler home in Sunnyvale

Last updated August, 2006.


Welcome to our house. Our home is in the Fairbrae development in Sunnyvale. This tract is located between Sunnyvale-Saratoga, Remington, Hollenbeck, and Fremont roads, and consists of 500 homes. Most houses in our neighborhood are Eichler homes. The development consists of a limited number of floorplans, but because mirror images were also used, the neighborhood shows a good variety of houses.

Our house was built in 1959. It has the "1224" floorplan. This plan features four bedrooms, two baths, an atrium, and a living space of 1875 sqft (167 m2). The lot is 7200 sqft (648 m2). The picture below shows the original floorplan of our house. Why are the letters in mirror image, you might ask. It is a newly discovered document of Leonardo da Vinci? No, I just flipped the 1224 blueprint to match our home's layout.

Original pictures

Here are some nice pictures taken around 1960, showing the same floorplan as our house. There was even an article on our model, in a magazine called Family Circle. It is fascinating to see how our house looked in the 60ies!

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More Eichler fun and facts

If you would like to know more about Eichlers, I have made an Eichler Homes page with some more general info and links.

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