Master Bedroom

Last updated September, 2007.

Master bedroom

Our bedroom is situated at the back of the house, with one full wall made of glass through which we have a wonderful view of the backyard. It has a sliding door to the patio, but a beautiful Strelitzia plant ("Bird of Paradise") has grown so big, that we can hardly use that door anymore.

Our bed, made from cherry veneer, is a design by Dutch designer Jan des Bouvrie. We bought it in The Netherlands. The two matching nightstands have frosted glass lamps. Our mattrass is a waterbed, and we absolutely love it!

A narrow doorway (without a door) connects the bedroom to a small bathroom and walk-closet. In between these is the original vanity, with the same gold-speckled countertop as in the kitchen. This was what the vanity looked like when we bought the house: it was painted white (like everything else in the house!), and the original sliding doors had been replaced by thin wooden veneer boards.

In August 2007, I decided to give the vanity an upgrade. I stripped all the layers of paint from the vanity (white, turquoise, white, and a brownish grey stain which appeared to be the original), and stained the vanity a deep brownish black. I also sanded and stained the mirror doors of the top cabinet the same color. The sliding doors of the cabinet (not the original doors) were painted white, but we will replace these in time with frosted glass doors.

Left of the vanity is a walk-in closest with enough room for all our clothes.

On the right hand side is a small shower / toilet combination. It's a small room, but it works. The shower is actually surprisingly roomy, and it still has the original mosaic floor tiles. The tiles on the wall, probably not the original, are a greyish blue, and the toilet and floor tiles are a pale turquoise, not really our taste. Some day we will remodel this room with black floor tiles and a white toilet!

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