Living Room

Last updated September, 2007.

Living room

Our living room has a fireplace, a great feature on those chilly evenings. The inside fireplace has been painted white, while the outside part is still its original brick color. That looks a bit weird, because the fireplace is flanked by two long and narrow windows, so you can see both the inside and the outside parts.

The chocolate brown leather sofa's are from Natuzzi, an Italian furniture company that makes very nice couches and chairs. Some pillows provide a dash of color.

The dresser and TV stand are from Scandinavian Designs. The colorful lamp is from Home Depot.

Other things in our room that we care about are an antique sewing machine from Gerard's grandma, colorful prints from Walasse Ting and J.D. Martins.

Dining Area

At the back of the house, the living area flows into the dining room. The table and chairs are cherry vineer with metal accents, bought at Scandinavian Designs. On the wall, 4 cabinets from Ikea show off most of Elies' turtle collection. These cabinets are originally meant to store a CD collection, but they work really well to showcase small collectibles. The lamps above the table are also from Ikea. The placemats were purchased at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

A small dresser harbors a collection of wine bottles, and pictures from Gerard's and Elies' wedding day. A tall sink planter pot holds decorative branches, while a yellow glass bowl displays some artificial fruit.

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