The other rooms

Last updated September, 2007.

Hallway and laundry

A long hallway runs on the side of the atrium, from the master bedroom to the three other bedrooms. Three large frosted glass windows let in a lot of light. At the end of the hallway, there is plenty of room for our humongous washer and dryer. I can easily fit a complete king-size (lits-jumeaux) comforter in there!


The previous owners extended our house on the front, increasing the size of 2 of the three bedrooms. They also put skylights in the ceiling, and windows on the front of the house. One of the front bedrooms has a sliding glass door to the atrium, and we use this room as an office. when Gerard sits in the office, and I sit at the kitchen table, I can see him through the glass windows of the atrium. We were very confused in the beginning what is inside and what outside, with all that glass.

Guest bedroom

The other bedroom at the front of the house is our large guest bedroom. It is also much bigger than the original size of the room, because of the remodeling that the previous owners had done.
Can we spark your interest in staying in our house by describing the luxurious features of this room? It has a king-size bed (lits-jumeaux size for the Europeans), an original Auping bed, so you can lift both the top and the bottom. Furthermore, it has a large closet to hang your clothes, two nightstands with reading lamps and a alarm-clock radio combination, a desk with two chairs, and a computer with superfast internet connection. The three windows look out on the side and front yards with nice flowers, and there are shades and curtains if you want some privacy. Next door is a private bathroom. The guest room is ready and waiting for you! But.....why do we get so few visitors?

Guest bathroom

For all the guests who are sure to be visiting one day, there is a private bathroom, with toilet, sink, and shower/tub combination with sliding glass doors. A strange, but charming Eichler home feature is the door that opens to the side yard. I guess the purpose is that kids could play outside, then enter through the second bathroom with their muddy feet, and their dirty clothes could be thrown in the washer that is right there around the corner.

Exercise room

This is the fourth and last bedroom! It functions both as a second guest room, as well as excercise room. We have a treadmill and television, in an attempt to loose some weight. I try to work out 3 to 4 times a week, using a 40-min program.

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