Last updated August, 2006.

The Front

This is the front our Eichler home in Sunnyvale. Eichler homes do not look very inviting from the street. Their beauty lies in their insides! The house was originally painted brown with a bright green trim, but the previous owners had it painted white with a turquiose trim, just before they sold it.

Our street has beautiful old trees, and is extremely wide - at least if you come from Europe. It is a nice and quiet street with not much traffic. Old trees provide a beautiful green roof of shade, which we immediately fell in love with.

Front Yard

The front yard is beautiful. It was put in by the previous owners, and they did an excellent job. It is very much my taste, with all purple and blue flowers and grey-leaved plants such as lavender, rosemary, butterfly bush, and Agapanthus. When we bought the house, the front yard was surrounded by a wooden fence. It was a good fence, but we felt that it was hiding the nice yard too much. Here are some pictures of the old situation:

Since the removal of the fence the whole neighborhood can enjoy this beautiful oasis!


When we bought the house in 2001, the wall between the carport and the atrium consisted of three wooden panels, and a lattice screen on top. It made the carport feel very dark and closed up.

In 2004, we decided to restore this wall to its original look. We had the wooden panels taken out and replaced them with frosted glass. The lattice was replaced by clear glass. Originally, this was an open space, but we thought the clear glass would be a little more private and safe, while keeping the open feel of the wall. We also replaced the lamp with one that went a bit more with the Eichler feel (purchased at Ikea), and replaced the house numbers by a new set that looks like the original.

We installed an irrigation system into the planterbox, and planted two bamboo palms (Chamaedorea seifrizii). This plant is actually a house plant, but we hoped that it would survive in the protected environment of the carport, and it did so far! I choose it because it had a tropical and airy feel we wanted, it can grow in low light environment, and it gets a perfect 6-7-feet tall.

This is how the carport currently looks.

Near the entrance a set of wooden shoes (klompen) leaves no doubt of the nationality of the owners of this house. I got them from my former collegue Annemieke, who painted them white, and drew cute turtles on them, just for me! Of course, a "real" concrete turtle is guarding the front entrance. Warning: Turtle collector ahead.

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